Summer is here!  We hope you are enjoying the start of this new season. The Marin chapter of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists has many updates to share with you!


July August September 2021

President's Message

by Adam Cohen, LMFT

2021 President

As we enter into the second half of the year, the Board of Directors and I are setting our eyes on 2022, and beginning the process of forming the next leadership team of Marin CAMFT. I want to personally invite you to explore the possibility of joining the Board, and consider if this opportunity might feel like the right fit for where you are at right now. Whether you are looking to make or deepen connections with colleagues, get your name out there in the community, be part of a team, or give back to the profession, joining the Marin CAMFT Board will check all the marks. It has for me.

I joined the Board four years ago. I had just transitioned from agency work to building my private practice full time. I felt pretty isolated after leaving a team of colleagues to set out on this more individual and sometimes solitary task. I also felt like I was on the outside of the community of therapists in Marin, and wanted to explore feeling more a part of it for personal and professional benefit. I also was aware that I possess professional skills that weren’t being utilized in my work as a therapist in private practice, and I wanted to find a way to make use of them.

In the summer of 2017, Marin CAMFT sent out an email saying they were seeking new people to join the Board in the upcoming year. I became curious if this could be the way to tend to each of these needs. Turns out, it honestly was. I felt some hesitation joining at first because a) it was new and b) I wasn’t sure about adding something else on my plate that wasn’t bringing in income. But I have so loved my time on the Board the past four years, and think it has been an integral part of developing myself as a therapist who is doing this work in this community. I can’t recommend it enough.

SO… with that, I want to highlight the Board positions that Marin CAMFT is currently accepting applications for, for the 2022 term of service to begin January 1:

1) President

What you would do in this role: You will help guide the ship. You will lead our great team of Board Members each month in addressing the needs of our members and our organization. You will help oversee and work closely with our Diversity Committee, and will be the point person to interface and represent our chapter with State CAMFT. You will meet once a month with the Executive Board and once a month with the entire Board, with varying tasks in between. The design of our leadership succession plan means that the President has the support of the Past President to facilitate a smooth transition, and it is truly a team effort.

2) Programs Director-at-Large

What you would do in this role: You will lead the team that decides what events we host for our Marin CAMFT members and what topics we present through our programming. Everything from which trainings and workshops we offer in our Continuing Education program, to social gatherings which we hope to be hosting regularly again. You will meet quarterly with our Continuing Education Committee, and monthly with our Board.

3) Secretary

What you would do in this role: You will distribute the agenda in advance of monthly Board meetings, where you will have the important task of being the scribe - writing the minutes of each Board meeting and keeping everyone on track.

4) Community Services Director-at-Large

What you would do in this role: You will help oversee all the ways in which Marin CAMFT is involved in and supports our local community. You will oversee our community Trauma Response Team and Community Outreach team. You will meet once a month with the entire Board.

Are you interested in any of those positions, or do you have questions? Contact me at either or 415-967-3620 and we can chat!

I’m SO looking forward to continuing to grow and build this organization, and hope to do it with YOU!


Return to Office Recommendations
Coming Soon

Several members have been inquiring if Marin CAMFT has been in communication with State CAMFT around return to office policies, regulations, and recommendations.

State CAMFT is currently putting together a presentation about this which will be available to all members in the next few weeks. All CAMFT members should be notified directly via email when it's ready. In the meantime, any COVID-related updates are available on CAMFT's website here:

From Our Membership Director

by Meri Hayos, LMFT

Director of Membership

Marin CAMFT membership continues to provide value to your practice and your professional development, and we thank you for your support of our chapter. Your membership provides many great opportunities to meet and connect with your professional colleagues. Your Marin CAMFT membership means 24/7 access to all things Marin CAMFT on the website. Membership benefits include a personalized profile that showcases YOU in the Therapist Directory which is available to the public, a Bulletin Board, our quarterly Connections which you're reading now (archives of which are also available), our private Listserv, plus FREE CE trainings and other development and practice-building workshops throughout the year.

Just a heads-up that state CAMFT regularly reminds Marin CAMFT of an important requirement: In order to be a member of the Marin chapter of CAMFT, you must also be a member of state CAMFT. This is not a new policy, and CAMFT monitors and enforces this requirement. We have been instructed to suspend any members whose state CAMFT memberships have not been renewed this year.  Don’t let this happen to you!  If for any reason your state CAMFT membership has not been renewed this year, please renew ASAP so that we can keep you as active and in good standing of our Marin CAMFT chapter, too.

As clinicians, associates, and students working in the field, we all need resources that can help us feel supported and move our careers forward, while at the same time making a difference in the lives of our clients. Membership in Marin CAMFT is your opportunity to improve your online and offline presence in the psychotherapeutic community. It also supports this chapter in providing continuing education programming that benefits our growth together. Thank you for being a part of this chapter!


Highlights from a Recent Marin CAMFT Event

Are you weight biased?

That's what Sonalee Rashatwar, LCSW (they/he) invited participants to ask themselves at Marin CAMFT's June Lunchtime Workshop on Fatphobia as a Sexological Issue. They talked about how fatphobia is structural and occurs across all institutions, and becomes internalized in us all. They shared the racist history of the BMI and how it can be used as a weapon. They explained how weight bias is the stereotyping and prejudice experienced by people with obesity -- just like other types of bias perpetuated by white supremacy. One participant called Sonalee a "culture warrior." Their talk was thought-provoking!

From Sonalee's Instagram @TheFatSexTherapist:


Clinicians Only Professional Development Group led by Shira Marin begins September 17. 415-488-5557

From Our Director of Programs:
Coming Attractions in Continuing Education

by Patricia Saunders, LMFT

Secretary and Director of Programs & Continuing Education

We continued to have nice turnout for our continuing education events through the spring. Thank you to all who have participated! Topics so far have included: Working with the Cultural Outsider; Internal Family Systems; Sex Addiction and Partner Betrayal; Fatphobia as a Sexological Issue; and a two-part Law & Ethics series, Anxiety-Free Solutions to a Social Media World. Audio recordings of many of these events are available in the Marin CAMFT CE Library, free to all members.

We take a break from our standard programming of trainings and workshops in July and August, however our Diversity Committee is planning a Study Group which you can read about below. We hope you will join us for that.

We have a full slate of programming in the works for the Fall, including Working with Neurodivergent Clients; Motivational Interviewing; Dismantling Ageism; and On Becoming and Being a Cross-Racial Ally. You'll get event announcements by email and on our listserv when registration opens up.

Please be well and stay safe!


Planned Events Coming in Fall 2021

Registration for these events will open in the coming weeks. Check the Events Calendar on for the latest.


  • Working with Neurodivergent Clients - to be presented by Finn Gratton, LMFT, LPCC & Celina Cárdenas, AMFT
  • Motivational Interviewing - to be presented by Suzanne Alfondari, LMFT
  • Dismantling Ageism - to be presented by Ashton Applewhite and
  • On Becoming and Being a Cross-Racial Ally - to be presented by Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy

More in the works, too!


 Marin CAMFT's Diversity Committee is hosting a Study Group in August focused on race

The Marin CAMFT Diversity Committee is excited to announce an opportunity for engagement, connection, and reflection this summer. Join us as we come together in a Study Group around the book Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla F. Saad.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

WHAT: Weekly one-hour meetings every Friday in August to work through the reflections offered in this book. Assigned readings in between each meeting.

WHEN: Four consecutive Fridays, starting August 6th, 2:00 - 3:00 pm Pacific time.

WHO: Open to all current members of Marin CAMFT. (Have you let your membership lapse? Renew now and join us!)

WHERE: Zoom (link provided when you sign up).

WHY: Because becoming anti-racist is ongoing work.

COST: Free

A few notes:

Attendance at the first meeting on August 6th is mandatory to participate. This topic is important enough that we feel it deserves a commitment of attendance at all four meetings, which will also allow us to build trust and deepen in relationship as a group. However, we recognize that this has been scheduled for the month of August, and we understand if you need to miss a session. 

This Study Group is being organized by the Diversity Committee, with two co-facilitators who will be serving the group to manage logistics only. This will be a participant-led experience. Because of this format, this does not meet the CAMFT requirement for training and will not qualify for CEUs.

To maximize our opportunity together, we'd like participants to prepare by reading the Foreword and Part 1 (up to page 28 in the hardcopy version) before our first meeting on August 6th.

Please consider purchasing Me and White Supremacy from a Black-owned bookstore such as this one, The Collective in Oakland.

To sign up for the Study Group or for more information, please email

Current members of the Marin CAMFT Diversity Committee are Marty Frankel, Lynn Robinson, Pat Saunders, Adam Cohen, and Lisa Wenninger.  We are looking for new members to join these efforts! If you can't make it to the Study Group yet would like to become more involved, please email Marty at and she will provide details on the next committee meeting.


Victorian Office for P/T Sublet
Sunny neighborhood setting. Lots of windows, air purifier, window a/c, desk, cabled Wifi. Window box seating, fireplace, spacious waiting room. Central San Rafael; SmartTrain accessible. W/F/Sa/Su, possibly other days (not available by 1/2 day or hour). or 415-453-8117

Attention Marin CAMFT Trainees and Associates!

This Fall, Marin CAMFT will be offering two Kristina M. Carey Scholarships. We will award one scholarship to a Trainee MFT and one to an Associate MFT in the amount of $1,000.00 each.

This is the 25th year that Marin CAMFT will be offering these scholarships.

Eligibility for scholarships:

  1. Be a current member of the local Marin chapter of CAMFT (trainee/associate membership is free).
  2. Be a current member of state CAMFT.
  3. Be enrolled in a Marin County college and/or be a trainee or associate at a Marin county agency or program.

This is an early announcement to alert trainees and associates, and any supervisor working with a Marin CAMFT trainee or associate, of the availability of these scholarships. The application involves writing an essay and obtaining recommendation letters. Our application process and interviews occur in the Fall, and the scholarship awards are announced in December.

Further details for submitting applications will be in the Fall Marin CAMFT newsletter. Any questions may be submitted to

Community Outreach: Report from the Trauma Response Team

To all Marin CAMFT members:

Marin CAMFT’s Trauma Response Team has been increasingly active and engaging with our community this year. We’ve been connecting with our members and with the community with very positive and exciting results!

The number of team members both on our Trauma Team and our School Crisis and Support Team has increased. Two members, Tammie Grant and Pam Lister, gave excellent presentations at recent meetings. Discussions have generated so much interest that our meetings now include an optional lobby session in which we continue our discussions after the meeting.

These monthly meetings are open to all Marin CAMFT members. Our next meeting is Friday, July 9th at 9am.  If you'd like to join, please contact one of our co-chairs below and we'll send you the Zoom link.

In keeping with our community outreach goals, we’ve initiated several online meetings with the leaders of numerous County agencies that share our intention to meet the needs of our Marin population, by creating a joint response to disasters, crises, and traumatic events. Specifically, our team could offer pro bono mental health support along with Marin County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services staff. We’d like to thank Todd Paler, Program Manager of the Crisis Unit, and Kara Connors, Marin HHS Senior Program Manager for Suicide Prevention, for meeting with us and including us in this important community effort.

Another exciting development is that we are now more “present” on the Marin CAMFT website and easier to find, with the Trauma Response Team page now moved to sit with the other direct links within the header of We are very thankful to have Lisa Wenninger share her expertise and time as we move toward increasing our presence as we add newsletters, team requirements, and potentially, a blog. Our continuing effort to increase our visibility will make our presence and team more accessible to those who seek support and to those who wish to join our team.

The good news just keeps coming . . . Our three leads, Beth Leib, Kathleen Ries, and Dee Treshnell, recently met in a retreat format to evaluate “where we are” and discuss our potential goals for the year. We held a productive online retreat on May 21st for our Trauma Team members wherein ideas and goals from the team were shared. Our members' visions aligned with our original vision and intention for our Trauma Response Team. Every team is only as strong as each individual member! We greatly appreciate all of the keen insights and wisdom from our valued members.

New Marin CAMFT members are welcome. If you’re interested in helping our community during critical incidents and disasters, please attend a few of our meetings and consider joining our Trauma Response Team. Let’s move forward in offering support to our community as disaster mental health workers.

Wildfire season is here and Marin is in a serious drought. Our rainfall levels over the past year have been the lowest on record in more than 140 years. Marin residents may experience new levels of anxiety and fear due to the intensity and duration of wildfires in the past few years. How do we prepare ourselves and support our clients? UCSF Department of Psychiatry posted a timely article, Coping with Wildfires and Climate Change Crises, at

We wish you all an enjoyable and safe summer that includes people, places, and experiences that we have all missed during this challenging year.

Best regards to all,

MCAMFT Trauma and Disaster Response Team

Dee Treshnell, PPS, LMFT

Beth Leib, MA, LMFT

Kathleen Ries, MS, MPH, RD, LMFT

Our next Trauma Response Team meeting will be by Zoom on Friday, July 9, 2021, at 9:00 am PT.

Please contact one of the TRT Chairs above if you’re interested in joining us.

Are you looking for space, or do you have an office to share or sublet? The Marin CAMFT Bulletin Board is a great place to post it!

A benefit of membership in Marin CAMFT is our Bulletin Board in the Members' Area of We're seeing a few new listings appear for therapy offices available for sublet, and there's also a section to post ads seeking space. Posting is free for members!

We also accept classified ads for this newsletter. See our advertising information for details or write to to find out how to get your ad in front of our community of therapists.

From our recent Law & Ethics training

We ran an impromptu poll in our recent seminar with Cathy Hanville, Anxiety-Free Solutions for a Social Media World. Attendees were asked if they're on social media. (Apologies for the poor survey design! The poll was constructed on the fly, in response to how our conversation evolved.) 

Interestingly, more than half of our participants in the training said they are not on social media at all.

Poll from training: Are you on social media? 50% said no, 15% yes, 25% yes but I am careful about privacy settings so clients don't find me, and 10% yes but only professionally, with no personal information

Thank you again to Cathy for the informative two-day training! And thank you as well to all who joined us and brought the questions to facilitate the discussions we had.



The current Therapy Groups List is also available on the MCAMFT website.

Groups for Women

Groups for Men

Co-Ed Groups

Children, Teens, and Parenting

Specialty Groups

Consultation Groups

Groups for Therapists

Workshops and Trainings

Advertise Your Group! Submission Guidelines

We also accept display ads!


Renée Owen, LMFT                                             415 453 8117
Weekly group for Clinicians & Non-clinicians. Receive support, interpersonal process work, goal setting. Great adjunct to Individual Therapy.  25+ years experience

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ongoing biweekly groups provide community, emotional support & information for all stages of divorce or separation. Topics: self-esteem, empowerment and recovery from difficult feelings and situations.

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ideal for any woman who is ready to change unhealthy relationship patterns. Bring to light outdated beliefs and perceptions that set women up for unfulfilling, sometimes abusive situations.

Gilda Meyers, LMFT                                             415 453 1839
Ongoing online groups exploring issues of midlife and aging. Age 70+ meets 2nd & 4th Sat/month, 10:00-11:30am. Age 60+ meets 3rd Sat/month 10am-12:00pm. Call for flyer, info, free interview.

Lois Friedlander, LMFT, CGP                              415 383 3337
Ongoing process groups examines relationships in all aspects of life: family, personal, partner, social, work, school, faith and spirit. Members are thoughtful, insightful, supportive. Tues. 5:15; Wed. 5:45.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                         415 897 1348
Gain tools and develop strategies for successful weight loss/long-term maintenance. Food plans individualized for new habits with group therapy & support for emotional ups/downs 12-week am/pm sessions.

Ashley Coover, Katalin Szabo, Interns, CIP
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT                         415 459 5999 x450

Strengthen self-awareness of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. San Rafael.

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David Kest, LMFT                                                 415 246 1739
Heartfelt Zoom meetings. Practice mindfulness, safe conversations, relationship skills to promote healing & growth. Ready for the next level through support & compassion? Wed, 7-9pm. San Rafael.

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Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

Weekly coed process/support groups (for single or partnered/married). Explore blocks & create more fulfillment & success in relationships & life. M/T/TH pm's. 25+ yrs experience.

Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

9-Week coed Psychoed group/class to create more successful relationships. Assists in overcoming blocks & obstacles. Excellent adjunct to Indiv Therapy. M/T/TH pm's.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women and men contemplating weight loss surgery and for those post-surgery, to establish new eating habits for weight loss and successful maintenance. 12-week AM and PM sessions in Novato

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women & men contemplating their behavior, use or abuse of various substances, i.e., alcohol, drugs, food, pills, sex, shopping, gambling-effects on aspects of their lives. 12-week. AM & PM in Novato.

Kathy Jarosz, LCSW                                             415 999 4414
Crash course to improve communication. Focus on skills to use right away based on Gottman research and techniques. Great relationship tune-up. One evening per month.

Art Raisman, PhD, PSY 7795                              415 453 4271
High functioning groups open to therapists and non-therapists. Tues or Wed evening, Wed. afternoon. SF. Currently online. or

Lois Friedlander, LMFT, CGP                              415 383 3337
Ongoing process groups examines relationships in all aspects of life: family, personal, partner, social, work, school, faith and spirit. Members are thoughtful, insightful, supportive. Thurs. 5:15pm.

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Laurie Buntain, LMFT                                            415 721 9555
Explore and understand your relationship with money. Identify influences & patterns to increase rational financial behavior & harmony. 7 sessions for individuals & couples. Meets biweekly in Kentfield.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
Therapeutic skills and problem solving for new possibilities, learned and practiced through interacting with unique and friendly horses and farm animals for adults, adolescents and youth.

Dr. Shira Marin, LMFT                                           415 488 5557
Clinicians/non-clinicians. Liberate self-expression, cultivate self-awareness & self-acceptance and transform self-judgment. 8-weeks. Online.

Ashley Coover & Katalin Szabo, Interns
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT, CIP                   415 459 5999 x450

San Rafael, Wed., 6:15-7:45pm.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
12 weeks. Executive Functioning skills: organizing, planning, and managing time.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
Online. Neuroscience! De-escalate, feel safer, stop reactive patterns.

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Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117
Connect & network with colleagues. General case consult, help in creating a thriving practice, or starting, facilitating or sustaining groups. Meets 1x/month online. 25+ years experience.

Fran Goldie-Marcus, LCSW                                 415 892 4310
Consultation group with special emphasis on evaluating and treating personality disordered clients from a psychodynamic and object relations perspective. Call for more info, or

Geraldine Alpert, PhD.                                         415 497 9479
Formerly Director Post Doc Training at Kaiser; Assoc. Prof of Psychiatry at UCSF, Director of Group Therapy at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute. Input/Support.

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Geraldine Alpert PhD, Elaine Cooper PhD LCSW 415 479 9479
One opening in high functioning, long term, co-ed group with psychodynamic, interpersonal orientation. Wednesday AM in San Rafael.

Art Raisman, PhD, PSY#7795                              415 453 4271  
Ass't Clin. Prof., Psychiatry, UCSF. For mental health professionals and trainees, ongoing since 1984. Thurs morning. SF. Currently online. or

Dr. Shira Marin, LMFT                                         415 488 5557

Through creative expression & process conversation. Create, enhance & sustain your practice personally and professionally. FRIDAYS 12:30-2:45 PT– 9 month commitment. Limited to 8.

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Thank you to Renee Owen for the work she does on compiling this resource for our chapter!




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    • Marin CAMFT members: $20 first listing, $10 for each additional listing in the same issue.
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    Text Ad Specs

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    The character limit includes punctuation and spaces. If too long or doesn’t follow the existing format, your ad will be edited to fit.

    To renew an existing ad with no changes: Please mail your check payable to Marin CAMFT to: Renee Owen, LMFT at 1703 Fifth Avenue #101, San Rafael, CA 94901 (no hard copy required).

    To submit a new ad:

    1. Identify the section in which you would like to see your ad. See index of listings above for the categories we currently offer.
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    3. Email your ad, including the section you want it in, to, with Subject Line of "MCAMFT Grp Tx Ads."
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