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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for All Newsletter Articles

Please send your articles by email to

Please attach your .docx file to the email and include a jpg image file - 

MINIMUM of 300 x 450 pixels at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.


Committee Reports: One of the most important functions of the newsletter is to keep Marin CAMFT members informed about what is happening within the community, the chapter and the state organization that may have an affect them and others in the profession. The Newsletter Team hopes that each committee will submit an article for each editions of CONNECTIONS.

Human Interest: This could be on virtually any topic that you think the membership would be interested in and that is broadly related to marriage and family counseling. For example, you may want to write about a significant incident in your life, or the life of a friend, family member or client that has affected you on a personal level and/or in your therapeutic practice. (Maximum: 1500 words)

Book Review: Many of us don’t have time to read the important new books being published on counseling and psychotherapy. If you have read a really good book, we’d like you to share it with us! Tell us something about the author, summarize the main points of the book, and explain why it is significant/worth reading. (Maximum: 1500 words).

Research Article: The Marin CAMFT newsletter will publish its members' research-based articles on the theory and/or practice of counseling and psychotherapy. Articles should include: an introduction, a review of the pertinent literature, a brief critical analysis and a statement about the implications for clinical practice. (Maximum: l,500 words)

Biographical Statement: Each article should include a brief biographical statement followed by contact information and a photo. (Maximum: 200 words)

Notice to All Readers: The Marin CAMFT Newsletter is committed to presenting accurate information that falls within CAMFT ethical, advertising and other guidelines. The Newsletter is not responsible for any misrepresentation of qualifications or credentials submitted for publication: accurate representation is the sole responsibility of those submitting materials for advertising or as articles. Articles and reports appearing in the Marin CAMFT Newsletter reflect the views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the chapter.


For ALL Articles and Advertising

 Due Date  Issue
 Months Covered 
 1 December  Winter  Jan Feb Mar
 1 March  Spring  Apr May Jun
 1 June  Summer Jul Aug Sep
 1 September  Fall
 Oct Nov Dec



is a familiar addition to Marin CAMFT's newsletter, which is currently published electronically, 4 times per year. Each issue is emailed to the 400 + members of Marin CAMFT and posted on the website in the Member's only Newsletter Archives section. Please note the following guidelines for submitting your advertising. 

DISPLAY ADS: Pricing and Submission Guidelines: 

Submit your ad to prior to deadline or your ad will not appear. Please type DISPLAY ADS in the subject line of the email.

  • Mail a check payable to Marin CAMFT to: Marin CAMFT Display Ad, P.O. Box 9065, San Rafael, CA 949512.
  • Include a name and phone number in your ad for both personal and agency ads, & name of agency.
  • Acceptable File Formats: high resolution PDF or JPG format , minimum 300 DPI, with fonts embedded.  
Display Advertisement        Member PriceNon Member Price
 Small  $101  $201
 Medium    $151  $251
 Large    $211  $311

CLASSIFIEDS  Pricing and Submission Guidelines: 
  • Submit your ad to prior to deadline or your ad will not appear. Please type CLASSIFIED ADS in the subject line of the email. 
  • Include a name and phone number in your ad for both personal and agency ads, and name of agency. Use of acronyms is  welcomed. Please DO NOT format your text. 
  • Make your ad the size of a TWEET, i.e.,144 characters. If your ad is too long, we reserve the right to either not run your ad or edit it.
  • Mail your check payable to Marin CAMFT to Marin CAMFT CLASSIFIED ADS, P.O. Box 9065, San Rafael, CA 949512.
  • Marin CAMFT Members pay $11 and non-members pay $21. 

THERAPY GROUPS Pricing, Submission Guidelines

Groups listed are offered by licensed psychotherapists or supervised interns. This list contains paid listings from both Marin CAMFT members and nonmembers. It is not intended to be all-inclusive. Marin CAMFT does not screen groups and therefore cannot take responsibility for the quality of services provided. 
  1. Submit your NEW ad to prior to deadline or it will not appear in the Newsletter. Please type THERAPY GROUPS in the subject line of the email. 
  2. Renew existing ads with no changes by skipping step 1 above and completing step 6 below. No hard copy necessary
  3. Include a name and phone number in your ad for both personal and agency ads, include name (or acronym) of agency.
  4. Specify the section in which you would like to see your ad.
  5. Maximum 5 lines, 55 characters per line. Includes spaces and punctuation; avoid hyphens. Please adhere to these limits. If your ad is too long, we reserve the right to not run your ad or to edit it.
  6. Mail a hard copy of your ad (if new) and your check payable to Marin CAMFT to Renee Owen, 1703 Fifth Avenue #101, San Rafael, CA 94901.
  7. Price: Marin CAMFT Members - $20 first listing, $10 each additional listing (same issue). Non-members (including nonprofit organizations, institutions and agencies) - $25 first listing, $15 each additional listing (same issue).
  8. FOR QUESTIONS: CALL  Renee Owen at 415 453 8117.
  9. Your ad will be accessible in the electronic edition of the Newsletter and in the Therapy Groups Archive.
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