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Announcing the 2023 Board Leadership Opportunities with Marin CAMFT

Want to get involved with a great team organizing trainings and events within the vibrant Marin therapist community?  Consider volunteering to be part of the Marin CAMFT Board of Directors! Our election cycle is coming up soon, and we are looking for candidates to join the 2023 team in these important roles:

  • President-Elect (1 year term, then steps into President role the following year)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Director-At-Large, Membership (2 year term)

We are also accepting nominees for two offices which we have candidates for, however you are welcome to submit yourself for one of these positions as well:

  • President (1 year term; current President-Elect Peter Sadler, LMFT is an active candidate for this position)
  • Director-At-Large, Pre-Licensed (1 year term open to pre-licensed members only; existing Pre-Licensed Director Katharine Spencer, AMFT has generously offered to serve for another year and is an active candidate for this position)

All roles have significant support from the existing team and you will be guided on what's needed. Time commitments are reasonable.

Serving on the Marin CAMFT Board is an opportunity to engage with the chapter at a new level, make connections, and participate meaningfully in the functioning of our association.

Interested? Here are suggested next steps:

  1. Read more about these positions and the requirements on our Call for Candidates 2023 page at the Marin CAMFT website.
  2. Reach out to if you want more information, or would like to discuss expectations and responsibilities with our current President Adam Cohen before submitting yourself as a nominee. We can also connect you with the current board member who holds the position you're considering, to get all your questions answered.

  3. Nominate yourself! We will need to get a short Candidate Statement, consisting of 1 or 2 paragraphs that describe your background, your interest in the position, and also any experience in similar service work (prior experience is not required, don't let that stop you if this would be your first such role!). We will also need a photograph, preferably color.The Candidate Statement and photo will be distributed to the membership with the ballot.

The Marin CAMFT election will be held in November.  We request all nominees submit their candidate information to us by Friday, November 4th.

Please email if you have any questions at all. We look forward to the exciting things we will do together.

Also, all Marin CAMFT members, please be on the lookout for the ballot, to be distributed by email around November 1. Voting will be open for about two weeks in mid-November and can be completed electronically on our website. 


North Marin Community Services is hiring a full-time

Clinical Director for school and community based

mental health programs. To apply visit
or email

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Marin CAMFT Celebration October 9

Marin CAMFT Fall Member Celebration

Sunday, October 9th 4:00 - 7:00 pm

McInnis Park Golf Center

350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael

All Marin CAMFT members are invited!

Also, all Marin CAMFT members, please be on the lookout for the ballot, to be distributed by email around November 1. Voting will be open for about two weeks in mid-November and can be completed electronically on our website. 


Also, mark your calendars for January 13, 2023: Marin CAMFT is working to arrange a presentation by Nancy McWilliams, PhD.

Questions on our Continuing Education programs? Contact Norman Hering, our Director of Programs, at


Attention Marin CAMFT pre-licensed MFT Trainees and MFT Associates:

This is the 26th year that Marin CAMFT is offering the Kristina M. Carey Scholarships to pre-licensed clinicians.

This coming year Marin CAMFT will grant 3 scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each. One scholarship goes  to a trainee, one to an associate, and one to a pre-licensed trainee or associate who is underrepresented in the mental health field.

Eligibility for scholarships:
  1. Be a current member of the local Marin chapter of CAMFT (trainee/associate membership in Marin CAMFT is free).
  2. Be a current member of state CAMFT (apply for state CAMFT pre-licensed membership at
  3. Live in Marin, attend graduate school in Marin County, and/or be accruing hours in a Marin program.

This application involves writing an essay and obtaining recommendation letters, followed by an interview.

Scholarship Applications will be available on the Marin CAMFT website by November 1, 2022, and receipt of applications closes on January 31, 2023. Interviews for scholarships will be held in March 2023, with winners announced thereafter.


Interested in supporting the local Marin community in the event of disaster or crisis? Come join the Marin CAMFT Trauma Response Team.

The Trauma Response Team meets on the third Friday of most months on Zoom. For more information and to RSVP to attend,
please contact TRT Co-Chair Beth Leib at


3,000-Hour Club

Students, Trainees, and Associates, come join the fast-growing community of pre-licensed therapists at Marin CAMFT.

The Marin CAMFT 3,000-Hour Club is a supportive community meeting on Zoom to learn from each other about the process of becoming licensed. Check out our Pre-Licensed Event Calendar to find out about the next one.

Membership in Marin CAMFT is free for all pre-licensed associates and students.

Contact Katharine Spencer, Pre-Licensed Director-At-Large, to learn more about events and opportunities for the pre-licensed community:

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