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Apr May June 2024

Lauren OgrenPresident's Message

Lauren Ogren, LMFT

2024 Marin CAMFT President

Welcome to Spring! In nature Winter is a time of reflection and nurturing, bolstered by the cold and wet weather which keeps us indoors to allow for rest, recuperation, and time to nourish our roots. When Spring arrives we have replenished ourselves and are ready to bloom and experience new awakenings.

Here at Marin CAMFT we are also welcoming new beginnings with new board members that are bringing forth new ideas and energy onto our longtime organization. We are pleased at the success of the Marin Living Magazine advertisement. Both Marin Living and Marin CAMFT showed unprecedented numbers of  “clicks” to our websites, proving that the community at large is ready for their own new growth and expansion. We have also begun a larger online presence by creating an active Instagram account where we share board member profiles, event updates, important information from state CAMFT, among other pertinent  information. Please give us a follow at marincamft on IG and actively engage with us!

We are also increasing our in person networking and connecting activity after a long hiatus. We were beyond pleased at the turnout for our networking coffee at Dr. Insomnia’s on March 2nd and we are planning another local meet-up for early May. It is a joy to share a beverage and conversation with our community. Other in person events are in the works, such as helping at Bay Area advocacy events in Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco. Please keep your eyes peeled in your email inbox and on our Instagram account for more details soon for all of our in person offerings. 

As your new president I am happy to be serving on this Board and with this wonderful community, and delighted to be encouraging growth and change. I hope you are all enjoying the Spring weather, and I hope to see you at one of our events in the near future.


Lauren Ogren
President, Marin CAMFT

Our Therapist Directory received more than double its usual number of visitors in February. We hope that many of you received inquiries as a result.

We created this ad campaign as a way to increase the benefits of membership to our Marin CAMFT therapists, and also to help the Marin community as a whole find qualified therapists to fit their needs from our chapter's membership. More such opportunities are in the works.

Marin CAMFT Therapist Directory:
Featured in Marin Living Magazine!

We wanted to share some results with you of the advertising that Marin CAMFT placed on behalf of our members.

In February, the ad below was promoted to the readers of Marin Living Magazine, letting them know about the Marin CAMFT Therapist Directory.

screenshot of Marin CAMFT Therapist Directory

(click to view the ad in full)

We were told that our ad received more clicks than any advertisement they had run before!

The graph below from our website logs shows the spike in traffic to the Therapist Directory generated by this ad:

graph showing spike in traffic early February

More In-Person Events on the Way - including May 5th at Larkspur Landing!

We want to extend a warm thank you to the nearly 40 therapists who made it to our gathering at Dr. Insomniac’s last month, undeterred by the unpredictable weather. It was an incredible experience to meet so many dedicated professionals from our Marin CAMFT community. The importance of connecting face-to-face with fellow clinicians—offering support, sharing insights, and building a sense of camaraderie—cannot be overstated in our field.

Group photo from March 2024 Marin CAMFT coffee gathering

Given the success and positive feedback, we’re excited to announce another in-person meet-up - the location is still being finalized, but Marin CAMFT members, please save the date for the next one! Coffee & Connections, Sunday, May 5th 10:30am – 12:30pm  at Larkspur Landing.

Nivie Oron is a trainee at Archie Williams High School, and is excited to join Daly City Partnership for her internship next year. Her decision to embark on this career path was heavily influenced by her experiences volunteering on a hotline for survivors of domestic violence. She has been enjoying working with high schoolers, and is passionate about social emotional learning in public education and expanding access to mental health support.

From Nivie: "I feel great honor and gratitude to have been chosen as a recipient for the Kristina M. Carey Scholarship. I have been welcomed into the Marin CAMFT community with so much warmth, and I am excited to continue connecting with its members."

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Jess Butler

Jess Butler

From Jess: "In my application essay I listed—half jokingly—the things I could use the $2500 Kristina Carey scholarship for.  (18 personal psychotherapy sessions!  42 tanks of gas!)  I also wrote—in all seriousness—what the money would mean, and what it means now to have received it.  It is a sign of progress. It offers reassurance that this path is workable. It gave me a good night's sleep. It reminds me that I'm not doing this alone.  I'm excited to join the Marin CAMFT community, and am so honored to be selected for this award."

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Eugenia Tarzibachi

From Eugenia: "I am an Argentinian living in CA. I am a published author, Ph.D. in Social Sciences, and a Psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. When I came to live in the US at the end of 2018, I got to know that none of my degrees were valid if I wanted to continue doing what I am passionate about, which is working as a psychotherapist to help children and women thrive. Following my purpose, I decided to start all over again with another Master's, 3000 hours of supervised practice, and exams as we all do in CA. I have spent more than 4 years in my 40s redoing my whole career as a psychotherapist in CA, I am now at the end of the AMFT/APCC tracks.

"I work hard every week as a bilingual clinician to provide the best care possible to survivors of domestic violence at CORA - Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse & children and adults at Headlands Psychotherapy Group. Hopefully, very soon I will become licensed in California and my dream is to start my private practice with children, women, and expats, continue working for social justice, continue teaching at USF as an Adjunct Professor, and nurture my relationship with other mental health clinicians in the Bay area. My specialties include trauma treatment, child therapy, puberty adjustments, women’s health (PMDD/PMS, menopause, menarche, perinatal complications, postpartum adjustment, etc.), acculturation, middle-life crisis, plus other more common clinical presentations such as depression and anxiety. I work from a strong background in Psychodynamics, integrated with other evidence-based approaches: primarily EMDR Therapy, but also DBT skills, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Parts Work. I enjoy my work, being with my friends, family and puppies Coco & Eva, working out, gardening, traveling, cooking and eating good food!

"In this journey that implied significant sacrifices, winning the Kristina Carey Scholarship in the Associate category is a big encouraging support.

"Thank you so much Marin-CAMFT for the award! I have heard that Kristina was a wonderful clinician and it is an honor to follow her legacy.

"My acknowledgment to the 2024 Kristina M. Carey Scholarship Interview Panel for such an interesting and warm interview:

"Elaine McMahon
Suzanne Alfandari
Dorie Rosenberg
Marty Frankel
Karen Benjamin"

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Congrats again to the winners!

Congratulations to Kristina M. Carey Scholarship Winners!

Marin CAMFT is excited to share a little about each of our recent award winners. Thank you to all who applied! The application for next year's scholarships will open in January.

We are also grateful for donations made to the scholarship fund! You can donate online at any time on the donations page.Thank you to the Marin CAMFT members who continue to support our pre-licensed community in this way.

Nivie Oron

Nivie Oron

Upcoming Programs 

Full details on our website:

Our online Events Calendar always has the latest information.

Did you miss a recent training? Many of our events are available as audio programs in the Marin CAMFT Podcast Library. Recent additions include:
  • Brainspotting
  • Family Cut-Offs
  • Forgetfulness & Dementia
  • EFT Tapping
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Dissociative Disorders and Plural Communities

  • Long COVID

  • Nancy McWilliams on Psychotherapy Supervision

If you are a Marin CAMFT member, you can log on at and go to the Members Only section, then choose Podcast Library. Not a member? We would love to have you join!

Marin CAMFT members: Want to participate in the Continuing Education Committee, to help your chapter to identify speakers and plan our programming? Meetings are held quarterly. Please reach out to for information on the next one. This is an important function of Marin CAMFT and the CE Committee is always in need of additional support.


Results of the Trauma Resource Team Survey

In February, Marin CAMFT’s board sent out a membership survey on behalf of the Trauma Resource Team (TRT).  The TRT has been in transition from being a response team (started in 1989) to providing trauma resources for our Marin CAMFT professionals.  We want to thank everyone who responded for their participation and are happily sharing the results of the survey.  

From the results (n=43), respondents indicated they are relatively well educated in the area of trauma.  Over half of the respondents (58%) said they felt they had a strong level of trauma education and a significant number of our clients seek some form of trauma treatment (some 80-90%). Respondents indicated the areas in which they desired more trauma education and resources and this information will be invaluable in guiding the TRT’s efforts looking ahead. 

Vicarious trauma support in the form of peer led groups was seen as a positive or possibly positive effort by 74% of respondents!  Look for more information on this in subsequent newsletters and listserv messages.  Thank you to the 21 people who would like to follow or attend the TRT monthly meetings on the 3rd Friday of the month at 11 am.  More info will be going out to include you in future meetings.

Again, thank you everyone for your part in the success of this survey.

Interested in supporting the local Marin community in the event of disaster or crisis? Come join the Marin CAMFT Trauma Resource Team.

The Trauma Resource Team meets on the third Friday of most months on Zoom. For more information and to RSVP to attend,
please contact TRT Co-Chair Beth Leib at


3,000-Hour Club

For Students, Trainees, and Associates working towards licensure

The 3,000-Hour Club met to share experiences and talk about possibilities for the group going forward. Some of the ideas generated were to have presentations on topics of interest, form a book club, create a consultation group, have a plant party to share cuttings and plants, and a pre-licensed symposium in the fall. Stay tuned for more information and events!

Membership in Marin CAMFT is free for all pre-licensed associates, trainees and students, and includes opportunities to participate in our 3,000 Hour Club. Contact us to learn more about events and opportunities for the pre-licensed community:

Invitation to the Marin CAMFT listserv

The listserv is our chapter's email community. It's a great resource for getting and giving referrals, making connections, learning about office space for rent, and more!

If you are a Marin CAMFT member and want to join the listserv, please send a message to and our listserv moderator will confirm Marin CAMFT membership and subscribe you.

Questions, comments, feedback on this new newsletter format?

Please email Lisa, our Newsletter Editor, at or just hit "reply" on this message and let us know what you think!


This is a reproduction of the main content from our newsletter that was emailed to all MCAMFT members on April 1, 2023.

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